It is not easy to get something off your memory when it is weird and strange.  My childhood friend lives in a palce called Southall.  This is the name every Indian should remember if they are new to London.  It is the hub of activities where you will see more Indians behaving like Indians and carrying out their daily business activities.  You can feel the true Indian busy market in Southall.  There are shops for clothes to groceries everywhere. Most of these shops are owned by Indians, who are mostly Sikhs.  I met a few pakistanis also who were very warm and welcoming.  

You would agree with me if I call it ‘Chandni Chowk’ or ‘Karol Bagh’ of London. You will not realize it is London until you see  the beautiful buses and trendy cars.  The Indian car drivers seem so cool and patient behind their wheels.  It seems Indians know about discipline, but they are too childish at their home.

These are but a few thought that came out of my mind after I visited Southall on a few occassions. I may have something interesting to share for my blog in the coming days.



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