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Technolgy ideas.

August 17, 2008

Nothing has come to this site that sounds techi and proves that it has stuck to what the heading says. I thought of recording my own thoughs about innovative ideas that keep crossing my head when it is not very busy thinking about the daily chores. Some great ideas that took birth in my brain a few years back are now produts that are either being used in large scale by people around the world or they have been in the market as product but there are no consumers.

One good example of what I wanted and happed is an electronic book that when used looks exactly like a book but lacks the flexibility of a real book. I am concerned about environment and I just want to see my earth as it was a few years ago when human greed hadn’t affected its beauty.  I started looking into small things that we do on daily basis that has direct or indirect affect on the environment.

Looking at the daily amout of paper beign consumed for newspaper, it makes me wonder where such a huge amount of paper comes from. It must be tree whose pulp is squeezed out and turned into paper. Why has not been no breakthrough in technology that can substitue a paper or wood itself for that matter. Looks like a few industry would shut its door forever if such a technology was ever envisoned or promised to be a success. The money makes all the difference after all.

An electronic newspaper in ever aspect would reduce the number of trees that are being killed paper. But it also brings with the the harzards of manufacturing materials used in such eletronic devices. For example the ubiquious plastic that when burned releases harmful chemicals into the environment.

Science has no doubt advanced very much, but humans still have macro problems that science should provide soultions for.  The electronic book has already been born but its acceptance is still meagre. There are sacrifices to be made by human beings so that they see a better world for their children. There is a requirment for widespread awarness about technlogies like electonic book. There is a cost attached to using such innovative technologies, but it can be brought down through mass production. We have seen this phenomena in the Personal COmputers. The more advance the PC technology is getting, more is its acceptance. This has brought down its cost over the past years.  I wish if the same thing happens for other technolgies.