Shame repeated.

The image of my school friend Vinod on the front page of a malayalam newspaper is till fresh in my mind.  It will remain in mind forever, as it brings many painful memories to me.  Just only a few years back, one sunday evening, Vinod had passed away with his parents in  a bomb explosion that happened in a busy street of Delhi.  Just a few days back a smilar bomb explosion happened again in the heart of delhi. There was not much of a difference in the video clippings that were streamed across the new channles. Some of those clips were live and some were recorded and replayed.

For who and for what reason these incidents are repeated are unknown.  I was taking my family to a festival gathering when I heard the news from my father in law that a bomb had exploded near the place. I did not think twice and took a U turn.   After we reached home, I switched on the TV to know what had happend.

It was the same scene of 2005 bomb explosion. There was blood everywhere, with motionless people either breathing or dead. For a moment I tried to feel like one of them and a shiver went down my spine.  Someone who looked after their body for this long, lay motionless with bruises all over for no fault of theirs.  There was nothing that fell from the skies that did that damage. 

There is no word in the English dictionay that can be used to describe those who repeated this shameful act of cowardice. They have no such absorbing mind to know what these worrds meant for them.  Human life is so cheap and abundant for them that they can cull them with so much of ease.  The helpless victims will get treated, dead bodies will be burnt and the pain in the cries of affected families will be forgotten.  The victims will be forgotten and so will be their sacrifices.  The question is a big WHY?


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