Financial worries.

Dwindling stock market indexes, sad news of banks going backurupt, political assault on companie’s investment plans, terrorists going mad!. These are but a few of the discouraging news being watched and heard by educated human beings these days. It gives me a sense of worry when I compare this situation and its effect on future. The financial world is giving more worrying news through stock market crashes and bankrupt banks. Suddenly it seems like big financial institutions are running out of steam and dropped to their knees before the government.

The small investor’s dream of becoming rich quickly looks grim atleast for next few years. The banks will have to be bought by those with muscles of huge money and great confidence in what they are doing. The $700 bailout by US government will not bring quick respite. Unless someone like Warren Buffet thinks of salvaging these dooming companies, we are going to see such huge shutdowns and bankrupcies in the near future. This is the time when we have to think about more saving and less of unnecessary spendings. Get ready for jolts and if you are good with saving this jolt can only be made less effective.



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