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November 25, 2008

I came to know about a new person today on the internet. I reached his blog through The thing that amazed me is his ability to make it to google campus for an interview which people like me cannot even dare to dream. His recent blog about his inverview with google was a good read. There he wrote about all the rounds of the interview. Event though he couldn’t clear the interview, I didnt get a feeling that he was dissapointed, but he sounded very excited to have appeared in the interview and doesn’t regret being rejected.

Google is very particular about choosing the interview candidate. I didnt fail to see why they chose Peter for an interview. His “about me” page is full of names of the best programming languages that we have come to know. Per, C++ and what not!. I must say, that one must be lucky enough to have got exposure to these languages to know their power. I belong to the school of thought that to learn a language one must implemement it in a real project. The days of “hello world” application is bound to die!.

I am not that lucky to claim expertise in any programming language other than C#. I am old enough now to think about spending my time exploring perl or c++ owing to the limited time available in a single day. But I do read on internet about anything that interests me and anything that will keep me updated technically.