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two years from now?

June 12, 2009

this question was thrown to me by my superior in one of the yearly reviews to see ‘who is where and what’.  It is not a very easy question to say in black and white who you want to be. There are strings attached to your answers, so I wanted to take sime time before I shoot the arrow.  I rely on my past experiences and the confidence to judge myself on the roles that I would like to play in any company I work in. I can contribute in the best possible way only if I find myself fit and confident. 

So I walked my memory lane to find out who I wanted to be in the next two years. I analyzed myself from various angles.  The first thing that came to my mind which was no suprise was my liking for the technology. The satisfaction in seeing the solution in the latest and hot technology gives me great satisfaction and I cannot explain why this thrills me.  The thought of takign up managerial tasks did creep into my mind on several occasions, but as time passed,  the better sense in my hooked me on to the place where I enjoy experimenting and working.

It is fascinating to learn creating solutions around the newest tools and languages in the industry, but it also brings challenges with it. But then every role has its own challenges.  I gave my answer and I felt satisfied that I had given enough rationale behind my decision